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Gill TineyMy name is Gill Tiney and I am a business coach with a passion for helping small business owners to grow and develop their company and to run their business rather than let their business run them.

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I have been in business for over 22 years and know what it is like to start a company from scratch. However I am not professing to be a guru because I have failed and lost or made millions. My expertise is in running a business through recessions, good times and bad, raising a family and understanding the pressures that small business owners face. I’m at the coal face today but I’ve learnt how to create a great life balance. If I work hard and maybe send emails at 8pm it is because I choose to rather than have to, my businesses are my hobby, my fun, and I am enjoying the game.

It’s Your Business

I don’t want to tell you what to do, I don’t want to mentor you and say, if you do as I do you too will be successful. I believe that every business, although having many similarities, are also very different because of the person running them. I want to help you to understand your business and find out exactly what works for you. What are the bits you love, what do you struggle with, what is important to you, what options do you have? I want to put the fun back into your business and ignite your enthusiasm that you had when first decided to become self employed.

Business with Buddies

When I started my office supplies company I would have loved someone to share the struggle with, to help me see the wood for the trees and identify how I could be more time efficient, more focused and more professional. I made it but it would have been invaluable to learn from someone else’s mistakes rather than have to make them on my own. That is why I devised the Business Forum where you have the opportunity to become involved with a community of business owners to support and share best practice. This is also the most cost effective way of receiving coaching on an ongoing basis.

Someone On Your side

Whilst it is great to have a friend at the end of a phone to listen to your woes they are not necessarily aware of what you are going through and cannot always help you drive down to the core of the problem. Someone who is unbiased and actually understands what you are going through and will help you to see the next step you could take will alleviate the stress factor faster than a friend who simply placates with ‘don’t worry I’m sure you’ll be fine’. Business coaching over the phone might seem alien at first but it isn’t long before the call is like chatting to an old friend, but one that you won’t have to feel obligated to ask ‘and how are you’.

Sharing The Journey

Face to face business coaching is where you can really get down to solving those issues that are pulling you off course. I love it when people can come to my offices in beautiful Pishiobury House, to take some time out and work on their business, rather than being the headless chicken we can all turn into when we work constantly in our business. By taking a step back and looking from the outside in, with someone to guide your thought processes you will be much more productive when you return to your company. Here at Pishiobury you will discover a little oasis of calm to put you back in control.

Join the learning curve

I continue to learn about business as it fascinates me, I’m constantly attending seminars, workshops and conferences to glean new ideas and share them with my clients. I believe that unless your business is moving forwards and keeping up with new innovations you will be sliding backwards. By devouring business books, CDs and DVDs every week I find my outlook is open to great new ideas. My clients also have access to my library and because I have read everything in the library I can recommend the right book to help you even more. Or if you aren’t into reading, the CD or sometimes just summarising the information is enough.

Open House

Having a fresh pair of eyes looking at a business is always useful and I love coming into a company to help you re evaluate your practice and staff. Often underlying issues can be dealt with quickly by a third party and by spending half a day or a day shadowing you I can help you identify areas for improvement. You are quite rightly proud of your empire and often it is only small tweaks that make a huge difference to the whole culture of the company. Again my company have had consultants come in to help but I always balked at them telling me what I should do. I much prefer to have a dialogue where I can be shown potential improvements but left to make my own decisions. I went into business to be in control, not to be told what to do.


Anyone who knows me will also know that I do a lot of public speaking, it is something that I have a lot of experience in. If you have an event planned or want me to come into you business to talk on a specific subject then why not take a look at my profile on speakerfile to find out a bit more about what I can offer.

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About Me

I was born in the East end of London, the daughter of a docker and housewife in a home where there was an outside loo and no bathroom or hot water. Humble beginnings but a fantastic learning arena growing up with entrepreneurs on every street corner, wheeling and dealing, and yes I did run a market stall for a while. Now in my adopted Essex I am constantly impressed by the entrepreneurial spirit of the business owners in the county. I want to help them to have the business they always dreamt of. It might mean millions in the bank, or it might mean retirement in 5 years if that is what they want then I will be on that journey with them. Generally though my clients want a great work life balance, more money coming in than going out and some to put away for a rainy day and I’m happy to work towards that as well.

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