How Polluted Are You?

I’m not talking toxins and poisons, although we all need to be more wary of what we put into our body – that is a whole other blog! What I mean is how much pollution are you dealing with in your mind?

Yes, exactly! How much noise is going on in your head that pollutes all those great ideas just waiting to escape? Do you suffer from internal noise pollution?

I think we all do.


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Do you know what Makes you Different?

Do you know what makes you different from the rest?

Do you know why I should buy from you and not your competitor down the road?

What makes you stand out from the crowd?

I was at a conference recently and among the 300 or so delegates there were a plethora of business coaches, consultants and mentors all vying for recognition and aiming to increase their business. I was one of many. How did I stand out from the crowd?

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Who can you rely on?

Mentoring to get you startedWho can you rely on?

When you are in business and you need advice, who do you turn to?

It may be natural to turn to family to use as a sounding board for new ideas and they will respond with love and often caution – they fear for your safety and do what good families should, protect you from risk.  So are they the best people to share your new business plan with that involves some hefty investment?

Perhaps you go to your business partner for a sharing session on how tough it has been for you – but don’t they have their own agenda and their issues will be forefront in their mind too? Continue reading ›

Don’t Let Past Failures Rule your Present

On Saturday I was invited to a birthday party for a 60 year old and a 21 year old – a tall order satisfying very different expectations.  But they did it by having a circus theme.  It was such fun!  We all got an opportunity to learn a new skill and brush up on some old ones.  I loved showing off my playground hoola hooping prowess as well as learning how to spin plates. I know I do it metaphorically every day but to actually learn the skill of literally doing it, and being able to throw and catch plates too made me feel quite proud. I did however give the unicycle a wide berth, I know my limitations.  Some people were brave enough to try the fire eating and stilt walking too and a fun night was had by all. Continue reading ›

Miguel Nicolelis – A Monkey that Controls a Robot with …

Miguel Nicolelis – A monkey that controls a robot with its thoughts. No, really.

Wow, what is happening to this world? Is this science fiction or science fact? I am struggling with the realisation that what was once an innovation, that would revolutionize the world in a generation is now making an impact in a matter of 2 or 3 years or even months!! If that is happening on the global scale what is happening locally, for your industry, for your business? Whether we like it or not these innovations have impact on us and we have to decide whether we are riding the crest of the wave or drowning in the sea playing catch up. Continue reading ›

Professional Coaching in Business

Have you ever thought you were not reaching your full potential or you have more to offer?  If you have, then have you considered professional coaching to help you find what you are missing and what direction you need to go?  Professional coaching helps you to not only realise your full potential it also helps you to understand what you are doing that is not working along with finding an alternative way that will work.

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What Life and Business Coaching Aims to Achieve

Life and Business Coaching are effective tools to help individual’s and businesses achieve more.  Life coaching helps individuals find their best personal career path, and if they are not currently on it then help them move on to a new career if necessary.  Plus it helps business’s become more effective in there performance  by introducing new ways to do things and setting realistic goals enabling them to become more successful and profitable, while at the same time gaining a better work life balance.  Both of these coaching styles work well together as well as individually.

Main aim of Life Coaching:

  • Draw out an individual’s potential
  • Find out what makes them happy in their career Continue reading ›

Blog from my Book – Step Up

STEP UP – From Desperation To Inspiration in 12 Simple Steps

The recession makes life tough doesn’t it and often the media jump on the bandwagon to have us believe that success in these uncertain times would be a miracle – unless you are already flying high. How can a small business owner possibly make a success of their business when the world conspires against him – much easier to give up, isn’t it? This is what we are led to believe.

It is so natural to allow these doom and gloom merchants to invade our inner voice and tell us it is too difficult to continue with our business let alone make it grow. When the struggle seems greater and the challenges appear insurmountable the pressure to give up is immense – but it’s OK because everyone is going through it, aren’t they? Continue reading ›

What a year that was!

It is that time of year when we reflect back on the previous months and look forward to the coming year. An activity we should be doing throughout the year –as a business coach you have to expect a bit of nagging from me J, reviewing on a monthly, weekly and in an ideal world, a daily basis but at this time of year the review is most poignant and significant when we look back over  the 12 months.

This year I reflect on personal accomplishments of a book published, an award in an international arena and a gala dinner hosted by Bill Clinton. My personal traumas of poor health of my mother and the death of a close family member brought great sadness but also strength. I am a great believer of finding that silver lining in any event no matter how devastating and through that I can give thanks for both good times and bad. I was truly blessed to be helped by friends through my troubles and learnt so much about my own potential during the highs and lows. Continue reading ›

How do you deal with an Antagonist?

Gill TineyDo you ever come across that person who appears intent on having an argument? The one who isn’t happy until you bow to their bullying tactics to announce they are right and you are wrong? The one who isn’t arguing a principle of what is right or wrong rather WHO is right and wrong. In other words they just enjoy a good argument and treat it like sport. They aren’t happy until they have complained to the waitress and got some sort of reduction off the bill, or threatened legal action when a simple accident has occurred.

They are exhausting aren’t they!

Fortunately I don’t come across this sort of person very often but I have met my fair share in the past and have learnt how to deal with them. Everyone has their own take on the best way forward and it depends on your personality and how you perceive the antagonist in front of you, but I find the easiest way is the good old fashioned charm offensive. Continue reading ›

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