DVD: Networking Not Working

7 Steps to Outstanding Success

Have you ever been to a networking meeting and spent two hours drinking tea, listening to a speaker, nibbling nice things, chatting to lovely people and then leaving wondering how you were going to turn that into business? Or worse, gone to a meeting with a boring speaker, meeting the same old networking faces and not even getting a biscuit with your tea and walking out feeling that you had just totally wasted two hour of your life – two hours that you will never get back!

That had been my experience and as is often the case I blamed everything and everyone for my failure to convert my meeting into business. The voice in my head justified my lack of success by saying it was the venue, or the people present, or even those who had organised it – never me.

Eventually I realised that if I could alter my performance and develop a targeted strategy I would be able to maximise my results, but I didn’t quite know what would make the most impact.

And so began my journey.

Now as a successful networker I plan and target meetings and am aware of the success rate and even the type of referral I will get as a result of my networking activity. Once I knew what to do I began wondering if other people are still in the dark about how to make networking work for them.

The  ‘Networking Notworking?’  DVD is a combination of my research and collaboration with 5 networking experts to see how they became successful purely from knowing how to make a networking meeting work for them. The 5 interviews were done independently of each other without any knowledge of what the others were saying and yet the same themes and strategies were emerging. I asked them if they remembered their first meeting, what mistakes they made, what they would do differently now that they didn’t do then, and their golden nugget that they believe is their key to success. Not unsurprisingly these secrets can be transferred to your social media online networking too. So even if you do all of your networking on line you need to follow some basic networking etiquette.

Lots more information and stories are in the interviews but ultimately it boils down to following just 7 Steps to Successful Networking. At the end of the DVD I collate all of the secrets from my experts and put them into easy to follow steps that will dramatically increase your success rate when included in your networking strategies.

The Five Experts

  • Daniel-PriestleyDaniel Priestley
    Founder of Triumphant Events and Creator of The Key Person of Influence Programme
  • Phil-BergPhil Berg
    Motivational Speaker and International Trainer for Business Network International
  • Charlie-LawsonCharlie Lawson
    UK and Ireland National Director for Business Network International
  • Jan-IbbottJan Ibbott
    Founder and Managing Director of the Women In Business Network
  • Penny-PowerPenny Power
    Founder of Ecademy International Speaker and social media expert

Networking is their business and they know how to connect to the right people. It’s worked for them, it works for me and now it can work for you too.

Buy the DVD today for just £20 and see just how easy it is to turn your Networking into great new business.

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