I love being part of the IMA community and can you guess I’m a High Yellow!

I discovered IMA about 5 years ago and I’m proud to say I am now a fully trained IMA Practitioner. It has helped me no end not only in my business with clients, suppliers, employees and whilst out networking but it has also been really useful at home too – although don’t tell my husband!

I use it to build rapport, ensure empathy, cut down wasted time through lack of communication and so much more. In business I use it to close deals, win sales, increase my efficiency cut down on wasted time and generate fantastic relationships.

IMA is an amazing tool to help build teams who work towards the common good. Once we are all ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’ the speed at which growth occurs is phenomenal.

When researching my book STEP UP –From Desperation to Inspiration I encountered many business owners who struggled with staff, suppliers or even dealing with clients because they weren’t speaking to them in the same language – the IMA language. The simplicity of IMA is that once revealed the colours speak for themselves and I love helping High Reds understand the exuberance of a High Yellow or a High Green feel trusted by a High Blue. Good communication is pivotal to the success of any business relationship, indeed any relationship and therefore to have the tools to expedite that communication is invaluable.

I have travelled the world networking and speaking at various conferences and I am happy to report that whatever the country or culture IMA is still relevant to good communication.

As an IMA Practitioner I enjoy spreading the good news about IMA and I know we can helpcommunities, companies and individuals to reach their full potential.

IMA IdentifyModifyAdapt

Cornell University did a study that ascertained:

Skill +Attitude= 85%Knowledge = 15%

Therefore we need to know how to communicate and build rapport in order to share our knowledge more effectively.

It can mean coming outside of your comfort zone. Everyone operates from within one of four comfort zones.

If you are a High Yellow (right brain)your comfort zone is;

  • Being expressive
  • Optimistic
  • Fast paced
  • Friendly
  • Enthusiastic

If you are a High Green (left brain)your comfort zone is;

  • Being organised
  • A good listener
  • Love problem solving
  • Slow paced
  • Set high standards for accuracy

If you are a High Blue (left brain) your comfort zone is;

  • Being supportive
  • Great team player
  • Patient and considerate
  • Slow paced
  • Easy to get along with

If you are a High Red (right brain) your comfort zone is;

  • Making decisions
  • Highly competitive
  • Likes a challenge
  • Fast paced
  • Work well by yourself

Gill Tiney

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