A Day In The Office Coaching

Why would you choose ‘A Day In The Office’ coaching?

Sometimes all you need to propel you forward is someone looking at your business and giving it an honest and productive appraisal.
You have been going through the same routine for months and years, sometimes taking for granted how and why you complete tasks. With a fresh outlook a business coach can spend a day with you and your staff to understand how the systems work, how you communicate, strategise, plan and therefore highlight possible stumbling blocks and see the potential for growth.

By working together you rediscover the passion you had when you first started and become reignited and energised for the future. It is also reassuring to know that quite often it is only small tweaking of a current system that is needed to realise massive growth.

This day can be used as a one off session or designed to springboard you on to a series of one to one sessions. You can also have regular day sessions every 6 months to help you measure your progress.

This is aimed at the business owner who wants to reassess where he is going and wants to re focus efforts for a more efficient and productive company. This often then generates a new direction and helps deliver a more accurate 5 year plan. A fast injection of motivation and energy provides the catalyst for change.

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