One to One Coaching

Why would you choose one to one coaching?

Business can be a lonely place and if you have no business partner to share your concerns with it can feel like being in a bubble where you go through the motions but aren’t really sure if you are going in the right direction. Even if you do have someone to share with you might feel demotivated and in need of inspiration to get your project flying. By meeting with someone on a regular basis you can share your concerns without fear of ridicule and plan that project with another pair of eyes helping you spot the pitfalls and potential.

Who is there to help you succeed?

Coaching in general is a great way to be held accountable too. How many times have you started with a great goal and allowed yourself to be sidetracked and then some month’s later wondered why the business didn’t grow according to your targets. By meeting someone weekly or monthly you are agreeing to be accountable and when you say you will do something you will undoubtedly have to complete the task. Then little by little you will see the progress and realise the accountability works. As much as you think someone else can keep you accountable you will find that you when you feed them excuses, and you will, that they let you off the hook – a business coach isn’t so easily fooled.

Who do you trust to tell you the truth?

By developing a relationship of trust you will be able to get down to the very bottom of your limiting beliefs, the ambitions you harbour and the ultimate goals you want in your life, that are all wrapped up in your business. Your coach will get you there sooner than you ever believed possible because you won’t be able to make excuses anymore and you will relish the meeting when you have achieved yet another goal and you can share that with the one person who knows just how difficult it was to get there – your coach.

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