Telephone Coaching

Why would you choose telephone coaching?

Sometimes sitting with someone face to face and working on your business issues doesn’t feel comfortable, have you ever felt that you can concentrate more if only you were alone with your thoughts? Sometimes it isn’t practical to meet face to face due to time constraints or distance to travel. Sometimes it is simply because you prefer a faceless medium when sharing your hopes dreams and ambitions, or worries and concerns. Whatever the reason phone coaching or Skype coaching fits the bill.

How does it work?

My preference is Skype so that I can share documents and screens if required but if you are not set up for Skype then telephone coaching is the next best thing. We set a time and date with an allocated session time and I call you at the allotted time. The sessions then follow a similar pattern to the face to face (or one to one) coaching.

How else can you use this type of coaching?

Telephone coaching is also useful as a way to touch base and enhance face to face coaching. If you want to move your business on quickly you can have top up telephone sessions to ensure all your goals are met. This works out more economical and time saving as you get a chance to review your situation and ensure you are on track to meet your goals before the next face to face session. You can also use telephone coaching to monitor progress if you have stopped face to face sessions you can book in the occasional Skype call to ensure you are still on track and not sliding back into old habits.

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