Transformation Tracker

How can you provide sustained, measurable and goal oriented success?

This programme is designed to give maximum impact over a sustained period of up to one year. By planning a combination of one to one sessions, Skype calls and attendance at The Business Forum you build up strategies to complete and exceed targets and goals.

Beginning and ending with a ‘Day In The Office’ you can easily see the progress made and the added value of this intensive programme. You are supported throughout the programme and have unlimited access via email and phone to your coach. You will be given progress reports and updates on targets achieved at pre determined and agreed intervals.

By tracking the transformation you will acquire an analysis of what makes your company successful and therefore how to reproduce that success either by setting up a licence or franchise opportunity. Ultimately it helps to provide you with an exit plan whereby you can put your company on the market for sale. If you are unable to quantify your success it becomes almost impossible to value what you want to sell.

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