I’ve been in business over 20 years and whilst the world is changing at an incredible pace the basics of credibility, integrity and trust still hold true. Having started businesses from scratch, had some crash and burn as well as some that are still running successfully 25 years later gives me an insight in what to do and more importantly what not to do. However with age comes (hopefully) wisdom and huge responsibility. Telling someone to do what I did will not help them automatically succeed, I have to help them take ownership of their actions, be accountable and have vision for the future. I want them to be empowered to make their own success.

Business doesn’t have to be complicated, it isn’t rocket science but on occasion I have found that what is obvious and common sense for one person is a blinding flash of inspiration to another. I thrive on bridging that gap and delivering the Eureka Moment!

No business owner wants to be told what to do, but having someone help you to discover it for yourself is incredibly empowering. Having brought many companies to success I realised that my abilities were not founded on pure hard graft but on knowing my market and working with my talents and skills towards my goals. I can spot an underutilised market as well as the skills and talents in my clients and therefore my passion is helping them to understand how they can utilise those talents for the benefit of their company.

The most exciting part is that quite often there are only a few short steps to be taken in order to achieve amazing success – hence the company name. I don’t adhere to sweeping changes, I prefer small achievable goals that don’t put additional pressure on a person or company but still provide an impact. These tiny steps soon turn into giant leaps, without much effort on the individual, and soon profits increase and time is expanded. It’s a simple philosophy that works time and time again. Life doesn’t have to be complicated.

As you can probably tell I’m passionate about what I do and so speaking about it from any platform is a huge privilege and one that I relish. I love sharing my philosophy of taking one step at a time, to help people understand that although they feel they have a mountain to climb it is that first step that will take them to success – Confucius says ‘every journey of a thousand miles begins with but one small step’ by sharing on stage my own story, showing that I know what it feels like and how I move forward helps people identify with me and gives courage to take that first step.

If I am not talking about my own Steps To Success then I speak about networking. Having been part of both Business Network International (BNI) and the Women In Business Network (WIBN) I have been proud to represent both companies when I train their members on how to become more productive at networking. As with most strategies I use this can be simplified by 7 Steps To Success and my hour talk is accompanied by my DVD. Networking Not Working

I have also discovered that many business owners are swamped by advice about social media and have no idea when how or what they should be sending out into internet land. My talk explains the ‘what’ rather than the ‘how’ of social media. Although not a technophobe I cannot profess to be a techie and cannot readily show you how to link your sites for maximum effect, however I can help with the content of what you should be putting out there for maximum effect. I cover the three main areas of Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook as well as the ever increasing blog. What should you be saying to turn leads into prospects and what is the likelihood of getting a sale. Therefore what time input is needed to get the required result? Following the KISS philosophy of Keep It Simple Sunshine I again filter it into a step by step process for optimum outcome. Social Media Minefield

Other topics I cover as a speaker from 15 minutes to an hour

Time For A Change – Get time management nailed at last
He Said She Said! – Communication – it’s not what you say but how you say it
People Power – Team building with firm foundations

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