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When like minded business owners get together there is usually a spark. This is a synergy found when 3 or 4 people get together and pursue a common goal. They find they achieve their objectives faster and grow their businesses to a far greater level than they had previously thought possible.

The Business Forum - growth, strategy, developmentIn short, magic happens.

The Business Forum is a group set up to orchestrate this spark and over the years this magic has been manifested again and again. At one point there were four Business Forums across the county with up to 20 members in each one. As you can imagine this took some organisation and as Steps To Success developed into different areas sadly these groups had to be reduced.

They are now only put together for a maximum of 4 business owners who work together to ignite the spark and support each other through good times and bad, consolidation and growth, with the primary objective of reaching their goals and developing their business to support the life they deserve. Following a program over a twelve month period we look at the usual business challenges but occasionally go off piste when a particular problem arises, or a new initiative ignites interest.

Accountability is still key to the program’s success and each member of the Forum must complete the commitments made at the meeting and report back on progress.

Confidentiality is paramount and the groups are selected for maximum impact, preferably complimentary businesses although this isn’t imperative to be part of a group. Indeed there have been competitors in the room and they ended up collaborating on a large project together so there is no competitive element to the choice of attendees.

The atmosphere is one of collaboration, support and achievement. As with one to one clients the emphasis is on taking small, regular, consistent Steps To Success and before you know it giant leaps have been made.

What is involved?

Once a month you meet with your group at the same time each month for 2 hours, usually at the Steps To Success offices in Essex.

Within this time you will discuss;

  • current progress
  • learn more about the topic of the month
  • occasionally hear guest speakers provide expert information
  • Q & A session
  • Make commitments for the following month

Being a Business Forum attendee entitles you to the same privileges as other Steps To Success clients and as a well connected international net-worker Gill Tiney will endeavor to connect you to new business too. Plus not only do you have an opportunity to ignite that spark of magic you also get to do it at a reduced rate to the one to one coaching. Drop an email to Gil Tiney for the latest prices and to see if there are vacancies on the next Business Forum.

Have a look at some of the topics we covered in previous Business Forums to give you a taste of the guest speakers and what it could do for your business

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