Business Forum Topics Covered

Some of the topics covered in previous meetings

  • The Social Media Minefield (Gill Tiney)
  • The Success mindset (Guest speaker:Mark Rhodes)
  • Facebook – How to use it for your business and earn money from it (Guest speaker:Chris Vize)
  • Sales everything you need to know (Guest speaker:Ches Moulton)
  • Getting More Sales (Guest speaker: Steve Clark)
  • Branding (Guest speaker:Stuart Goodge)
  • Developing your sales technique (Guest speaker: Leigh Ashton of The Sales Consultancy)
  • Generating website traffic (Guest speaker: David Mears of Blue Flight Media)
  • Internet marketing and social networking (Guest speaker: Terry Carney of Sales Remedy UK)
  • Make your business a success (Gill Tiney)
  • 5 steps to transform your business (Gill Tiney)
  • Networks, networks, everywhere (Gill Tiney)
  • Communications skills (Gill Tiney)
  • Mindset Mastery (Guest speaker: Paul Wearmouth)
  • Putting your company in print (Guest speaker: Lesley Morrissey)
  • How to communicate with clients, staff, suppliers, family and friends – and get what you want! (Gill Tiney)
  • Tips and insights into sales and marketing (Guest speaker: Paul Wearmouth)

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